How Easter is celebrated Around the World

We are great fans of egg hunts and particularly of chocolate Easter eggs.

"Bright Easter Eggs" by mollystevens is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Around the world, children celebrate Easter in a number of different ways:


The tradition in Greece is to colour eggs red. Its a symbol of the blood of Christ and it is the colour of life. The eggs are normally coloured on Holy Thursday, and cracked on Easter Sunday, often by playing tsougrisma – an egg cracking game where you try to crack your opponents eggs without breaking your own! A bit like conkers


In parts of Scandanavia, children dress up as witches, like our Halloween, and go house to house and are given treats. There are often bonfires to keep away bad witches.


In Haux in the South of France, the townspeople make a giant omelette. The tradition came about as Napolean Bonapatre enjoyed an omelette so much there, that he asked the town to feed his entire army with omelette!


Easter Monday is known as Wet Monday in Ukraine, as people throw buckets of water over each other! It started out as a pagan custom to do with cleansing, but has proved popular over the years, and it is also marked in other countries such as Poland and Czechia (Czech Republic).

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